Terms Of Service

THIS PAGE IS TRANSLATE OF The Hebrew Terms Of Service.

TakeStatus website regulations - Terms of service

1. The usement of this website content and services are offered under this website all terms of service.

2. Agreement to website conditions
2.1. The usement of this website\your registration as a user("Surfer") in order to get his services will count as an agreement from your side to these terms.
This website management is allowed to ban\block or stop permanently users to our services if will not follow these terms of service.
2.2. This website management is allowed to make any kind of change in these terms from time to time if she desires\need to.
2.3. In case of disagreement with one of these terms your'e requested to leave this website.

3. This website management is allowed to change these terms from time to time without any message at all.

4. You're not allowed to make any kind of illegal acts from this website or with it.

5. You're not allowed to deliver\post any kind of lying\disrespectful\treatening\pornography\racist\illegal content from the service of this website.
With this been said, We do allow to post adult content as long as they're written repectfully\nicely.

6. Changes in this website and his availability.
6.1. This website management is allowed under their own private circumstances to change from time to time this website structure,design and appearing
and any kind of another aspect that affects this website without any message to the users at all. It is clarified that the user won't have any kind of reason
to prosecute this website because of any of the changes above\failures that would happen.
6.2. Without changing any of the above it is clarified that this website management is allowed to remove this website from the internet and\or block the access
to it\all of it or part of it. Removal and\or blocking may cause removal of all\part of the content that's inside this part.
6.3. This website management doesn't obligate to remain this website and\or website content availability on. It is clarified that the website and it's content
are not immune from any kind of illegal access to this website management's computers or any harm\failures to the hardware\sofware\network lines\systems
.in the management's computers\suppliers and it's not allowed for that, To toss responsibillity over the website management

7. You're responsible exclusively to the rightness of your content that you're posting\delivering with this website's use.

8. This website management doesn't responsible to any published\delivered content
between users and authorized to remove if needed\want's to, Messages from this website.

9. You're not allowed to do any kind of commercial use in this website in a way of sending commercials or any other way.

10. You're declare that you know that this website management doesn't have any ability or possibility to check, or filter the statuses that are published.

11. Any intellectual property and creators rights connected to this website are reserved to this website only.

12. This website management doesn't responsible to the statuse's content, "Banners" or any kind of commercial material in this website.
The responsibility to this is upon the advertisers only.

13. The appearing of links to other websites aren't warranty to other content in these websites in terms of reliability, fulness or any kind of another term.

14. On these regulations will apply the israeli laws. The jurisdiction to the authorized courts in the state of Israel.

15. You're not allowed to publish other rival websites, You're not allowed to publish websites that are deal with Facebook statuses.

16. You're not allowed to curse\defame\insult in this website and these actions will cause a ban from this website.

17. Permanently rule of banning users - The website's management is allowed to ban anyone that wasn't obeyed to any above rule.

18. You're not allowed to impersonate or imitate other person or\and any other thing in any way.

19. The usement of illegal\un-moral publishment is forbidden, Including a publishment that violate any prohibition or knowingly copyrighted content,
Or publishment that could harm the public or it's feels, Or publishment that could harm or damage in any way the public or a person, privacy\reputability.

20. It is forbidden to infame this website. This website management will act strongly to any inside infame.

21. This website management doesn't responsible on any occourance outside this website, And therefore will not take action towards the user
who wasn't listening to the terms of service in this website.

22. We are recommended to the users of this website - Do not expose any information, File or identical info such as adresses or phone numbers,
In order to prevent other users harassments. As mentioned, This website management would'nt responsible for any damage and such that
would cause because of this exposed content. This website management reserves the right to remove any message that include such details,
And that according to her own dicretion.

23. The user is commited to not upload content that could danger the public, Such content that could harm in any way person or a group mostly
a content that is classified as a "trigger", Or content that could recognize other user or false commercial content.

24. This website owners aren't committed to present the uploaded content and keep their rights reserved to deny\delete illegal content.

25. In an uploading content, if the rights to the content is given to the users, The user:
25.1. The user is giving the full economic right to the website management.
25.2. Giving up to everyone especially the website management the ethic rights.

26. Trademarks
26.1. The trademarks: "10status", "TakeStatus", "קח סטטוס" and "תן סטטוס" are serving the website management to mark their services and products
and you're not allowed to use any of them without a brief permission.
26.2. The other trademarks that are shown in this website are their owners property as applicable.

27. Cookies: The usement with cookies in this website is for the availability of this website in order to adjust the website for you,
And adjustment of relevant commercials.

28. If it is required, And only to protect the website and it's servers, A usement and protectiveness in the database
of the IP adress of the user will occur.

29. A message of an illegal content, This website management is keeping the state of Israel's rules - If you encountered
with an illegal content or any kind of rules, We'll thank you if you will tell us with a message that clarifies the illegal content to the email:
[email protected], If there's not answer after a week you can try again in the "Contact" page.

30. The choice of law and the jurisdiction that would apply on this agreement are the state of Israel's rules. The exculsivity jurisdiction in any
upcome clash that arising from this agrrement or usement of this website's services is given to the authorized courts in Tel-Aviv Yafo region.

31. If the user located an unaccesible code, The user can contact us in any time and the website management will change the code immediately.

32. The user must stimulate the website management in respect of any claim of any person due to the user's acts.

33. Lack of information responsibility
The information that's presented in this website doesn't constitute advice or professional opinion and belong only to the users or the website management,
their superiors and workers only. You're not allowed to rely or act on the base of this info without assuring his correctness and legalness.

34. Limitation of liability for damages
It is the responsibility of the website management, Admins and their workers for the damages that may be accour for the user
cause of the usement of this website's services or his unavailable services, Will be limited under any law to the price that the user paid
for the this website's services.

35. Lack of responsibility to advertisments and outside links
35.1. Ads for products or third-party are shown in this website under outside sponsorship, That adjust the ads to the each page content.
It is clarified that the website management doesn't have any control on the choice of the shown ads, Their sorted appearing or their true content.
35.2. Some of the links(Hyper-Links) that appear in this website are redirecting to other websites under other managements\third-party manage.
It is clarified that the link to those websites is use only for the convenience of the user, this website management didn't examine
these websites and aren't support them or responsible for them at all, Their content or their security and a usement or sending info to those websites
is under the user's own responsible.
35.3. It is emphasized that there's not diagnose between marking inside links to outside links and it is the user's responsibility to ensure the URL address
that the link is linked to before the use.

36. Lack of responsibility to the users actions
36.1. Within this website's services and under this 36 clause to this agreement, The public can upload and present their own different contents in this website
("Users contents") - among other things such as statuses, comments or likes.
36.2. It is clarified that the users uploading mechanism in his fulness or part of him is a procedure that is managed without a human involvement
and the website management can't verify the uploader indentity or examine the uploaded content himself before his appearance
and would not be responsible for the shown users content.
36.3. Within this website services, Part of this website content, Mostly the users content or statuses, Are rateable for the users public.
36.4. It is clarified that this rate doesn't reflect this website management opinion or position but the website's users only.
And the user or the supplier as applicable, Wouldn't be any claim for the website management for him, his content or products rate.
36.5. Without damaging 36.4 clause mention, If the user or the supplier are claim that one person is behind various rated of one particular thing,
He is invited to turn the website management's attention that are keeping their rights to cancel rated actions that used within the violation
of this terms of agreement.

Have a continued fun usement.

Sincerely, TakeStatus team.